• Martin Massey
    Business Manager, Cornish College 17/4/19

    “We have used South Eastern Cleaning Service for over 7 years and have always found the level of service provided to be of high quality. Being a family run company you are able to contact Kiri direct to discuss any issues that may arise. We have just recently gone to tender for our cleaning services and have re entered into a further 3 year agreement. The service and price were both determining factors. I am more than happy to recommend South Eastern Cleaning Service to any business looking for a very good and reliable cleaning service” 

    Martin Massey, Business Manager, Cornish College 17/4/19

  • Richard Hewett
    Chief Executive Sandringham Yacht Club

    We have been using South Eastern Cleaning Services for more than twenty five years at Sandringham Yacht Club and we love how well-maintained our club is.

    We have a very detail-oriented list of how we like things done at Sandringham including specifics about how the function rooms, bathrooms, bars and restaurant are cleaned with different cleaning products for different surfaces and fabrics; how the hardwood floors should be cleaned and polished; and how we like our decorative objects left precisely where we placed them, not moved around the club. Externally based furniture, food operation areas and our vast array of windows in a harsh environment are cleaned exceptionally well.

    We have recommended South Eastern Cleaning Services to several other businesses who remain as happy with them as we are. Their hands-on approach and attention to detail is something we treasure and I highly recommend South Eastern Cleaning Service!

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